Warranty Labor Allowance

Submit your claim warranty allowance here.
How it works:
All labor reimbursement requests must be submitted to Ideal Heating NA. 

The warranty labor allowance form must be completed by the installer and submitted here.  Click for the link.
The labor request must be submitted directly to Ideal Heating NA within 45 days from the date that the work was performed. 
Labor claims for multiple locations or incidents must be filed separately.
Labor reimbursement does not cover the following:

  • Travel to and from the installation site
  • Serviceable items and normal maintenance as required
  • The cost associated with the acquisition of replacement parts
  • Costs associated to gain access for repair
  • The costs incurred for time spent diagnosing the fault 

The claim will not be paid until the RGA#  (Return Goods Authorization) has been filed by the wholesale/distributor and approved by the Ideal Heating NA Warranty Department.  See your wholesaler/distributor for the RGA# number submission. 

Warranty claim will be paid within 45 days of claim being submitted.
Labor allowances shown below are maximum amounts. The fee payable to the Installer for approved warranty repairs shall be as specified by Ideal Heating NA.

  • Parts $135 – includes applicable taxes
  • Heat exchanger $400 – includes applicable taxes
  • Monarch Tank replacement $500

Ideal Heating NA reserves the right to deny claims due to poor installation based on testing alleged faulty parts. Failure to follow proper filing procedure does not extend the allowance grace period beyond the 45 days from the date of the repair.  If the labor allowance form is not filed directly with Ideal Heating NA strictly in accordance with the details provided, all charges will be denied with no further consideration.