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At Ideal Heating NA we believe in making life comfortable and easy by keeping things simple. This app works with the iAssist Module 21 to offer an easy and efficient way to access the boiler information right from your smartphone or computer.

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Features and Benefits

  • Comes Factory Equipped in Exalt Floor Standing Boilers
  • Boiler Monitoring with Remote Diagnostics (up to 16 separate data points like Boiler status, heating call, DHW call, water pressure, setpoint, Supply/Return temp) and notifications (via email when a boiler goes into fault – hard & soft lockouts or both)
  • Peace of Mind Customer Experience with Annual Maintenance Reminders via Email
  • Easy Installation with our Step by Step Start-Up Guide
  • Available for Download on IOS or Android

Please Note

The app is a tool for the installer to be able to register for the service and to connect the device to the internet. The device does not control or change the boiler. Boiler data is not viewable in the app itself, but there is a direct link (in the app) to the web portal that is formatted to be viewed on a PC, Tablet or mobile phone.

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